The Incredible World of Doors & Locks

Have you ever thought to yourself “Huh, I really want a D&D supplement specifically about doors”... no? just me? Well then, this is awkward... I have one, like, right here, and I was going to tell you all about it, and you’d be excited, and so would I. But it’s okay, don’t worry, I’ll just be here, with my supplement... about doors... that you don’t care about.

Oh, come on! Who hasn’t thought about a door supplement?!

This is a supplement about doors and locks, but really, it’s about presenting a way of thinking about structural elements to better present narrative characteristics about its context, focusing on doors and their respective locks because they allow me to move the argument from one to another without having to make things complicated. Also, there are tables wherever I could fit them because I really like tables.

I really love all of the content that this pdf has to offer. It adds a lot more excitement to the otherwise dull moments of breaking down doors. In particular I loved the section on puzzle doors, and I believe that if everyone had this supplement incorporated in their games, there would be a lot more stories from roleplayers sounding like "Dude stop talking about that dragon. I have something way cooler to talk about. So I was in this cave and there was this door...".

This supplement easily became one of my favorites and I highly reccommend it for everyone's campaign!!! 10/10 would buy again!!!

William H. ★★★★★
Front cover for The Incredible World of Doors and Locks

Prophecies as Narrative Tools

I’m sure that if you’ve been playing Dungeons & Dragons for long enough—or if you’re interested in fantasy in general—you’ve come across many different prophecies of all types and sizes. The coming of foretold heroes, the return of forgotten evils, or sometimes even the end of the world, have been a recurring narrative device for a while in fantasy literature and, since most Dungeons & Dragons games are heavily inspired by those stories, well, it’s to no one’s surprise that they have a strong presence in the hobby. But, most of the time, in order for those predictions to come true, one needs either total control over the different elements that could affect the narrative—which is a no-no in D&D—or a great deal of luck. However, if that were true, I’m certain prophecies wouldn’t be such a prevalent element throughout so many games. These thoughts left but one question in my mind: what gives?

Prophecies as Narrative Tools brilliantly and intuitively introduces, identifies, and deconstructs multiple kinds of prophecies to include in your D&D campaign.

RogueWatson ★★★★★
Front cover for Prophecies as Narrative Tools

A Ghastly Mess

Unlike your regular haunted house, the inhabitants of this building are far from scary. The ghosts of the former staff still live in it—or, well, unlive—not realizing they’re deceased and unable to move on because of it. The Lord of the mansion still awaits the return of his beloved, Lenore, for which he has commanded the staff to have the house in pristine condition.

Help the only alive member of the staff, a sleepwalking old-man, clean the house, defeat any and all monsters that might be lurking in the somewhat abandoned building and help the ghosts pass on to the great beyond in this short but exciting adventure!

The story includes a host of interesting characters for your players to meet, each with their own unique personalities and accompanying art; an array of unique monsters specially designed to challenge your party in more ways than one; and an intriguing mystery surrounding Lenore’s fate and what happened to the members of the staff.

Now, you might be thinking “hey, this ain’t spooky at all, what gives?” and to that I say: how dare you?! Nothing is scarier than doing your chores! That’s why we built an adventure around it! That being said, A Ghastly Mess is not meant to be a scary story, but rather an interesting mystery-type of social adventure. Most combats can be resolved by running away, the stakes are low, and the NPCs don’t think of the situation as anything more than a normal day in their lives. The tragic aspects of the story have already happened by the times the characters show up, and the intent is for everything to go well from there.

Front cover for A Ghastly Mess

NirDine's Guide to a Great Personality

Through the identification and careful construction of major identifying traits, this supplement aims to help you create compelling characters designed in such a way as to be memorable and fun to play, giving you a deep understanding of who they are in the process. It takes a stab at identifying what makes those characters click and finds a way to recreate that magic, culminating in an actionable method of creating them from scratch. It takes an insightful look at all types of characters, from PCs to NPCs, diving deep into the art of storytelling through them, and emerging with three-dimensional concepts for both players and game masters alike.

It looks really pretty

My mom, probably. ★★★★★★
Front cover for NirDine's Guide to Great Personality

Unfamilar Familars

Fantasy worlds are home to incredible supernatural things, from world-altering spells to wondrous items to mythical creatures. These magical qualities are often at the beck and call of those who would choose to wield the powers the world so generously offers. Yet it always bugged me that when choosing an animal companion, these powerful casters often settle for a house cat, a bat, a mouse, or, at best, a frog. The stark contrast between the mundanity of their pet choices and the fantastical world they inhabit caught my eye. Why is it that the only thing not bustling with magic are the creatures closest to those to claim dominion over the arcane?

Learn new and amazing forms for your familiar by finding and studying wonderous animals in this short but efficient fully-illustrated supplement!

This first iteration contains the Changemileon, Cloudburst Jellyfish, Ghostly Cat, Psyfish, Umbra Squirrel, and Void Frog. Every creature comes fully illustrated, with a bit of lore and tokens.

Front cover for Unfamilar Familars
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